Tips and resources for your event

Below are some tips and ideas for creating an event that to celebrate your loved one. You might also find the following documents useful: 

Event checklist (PDF)
Stay legal, stay safe (PDF)

Hold your event at your loved one’s ‘happy place’

It may be a favourite pub or restaurant, the local park or your own house – anywhere close to your loved one’s heart.

Display photos at your event

You could stick photos to the wall (with the permission of your venue) or make a framed collage. You could asks guests to bring photos or send you photos to display in advance.

Display a memory book

Ask guests to share their memories of your loved one in a special book. You could also have a message ‘tree’ and ask people to write their messages on leaves to hang on the branches. After the event, you could stick the photos into your memory book, making it a lasting memento.

Choose a dress code or theme

It could be their favourite colour, their football team or their favourite fancy dress. You could give a prize to the best dressed.

Serve their favourite food or drinks

From cakes and curries to fish and chips or fajitas, the choice is yours. You could honour your loved one’s favourite tipple by serving cocktails or champers – or maybe even a nice cup of tea.

Play their favourite music

Create a playlist of songs they loved and ask your guests for their suggestions. If a band is playing live, you could ask them to perform some of your loved one’s favourites.

Include games or activities your loved one enjoyed

You could have a quiz or a sporting activity such as a football match, a pool tournament or a game of bowls. Nothing is off limits!